Titling & Registering an ANTIQUE VEHICLE in the State of Kansas

Kansas law defines an antique vehicle as "any vehicle more than thirty-five (35) years old, propelled by a motor using petroleum fuel, steam or electricity or any combination thereof:

Kansas law permits the issuance of a title only, without registration, for antique vehicles.  However, if you choose to apply for registration, remember to take adequate proof of insurance.

Is your Vehicle an Antique?

To qualify as an antique, your vehicle must be more than 35 years old, and as close to the original as possible, without any significant alterations to the major component parts (motor, transmission, frame, wheels or body). For example, placing a newer, non-antique engine with a body, frame or other major component part from an antique vehicle of a different vintage year would not constitute an antique vehicle. This type of vehicle would be considered an assembled vehicle, or possibly a "street rod."  Similarly, modifying an engine and putting it on an antique frame would no longer qualify the vehicle as an antique. An antique vehicle should be as close to original as possible.

If you have questions regarding whether or not your vehicle is an antique, assembled, or street rod, contact the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles, Titles and Registration Bureau at (785) 296-3621, press option 2 then 2 again.

Kansas Law divides the titling and registration for antique vehicles into two categories: 1949 and older, and 1950 or newer.

1949 or older......

Vehicles that are model year 1949 or older may be titled and registered by the following process:

1950 and newer......

Vehicles that are model year 1950 or newer may be titled and registered by the following process:

Fees and Property Taxes

The fees for antique vehicles depend on whether or not you apply for a title only, or a title and registration. If you apply for a title only you will pay $8.00. If you apply for registration along with the title, you will pay an additional $40.00 registration fee,  plus a $3.00 county service fee, and $0.50 reflectorized plate fee for a total of $51.50.  The $40.00 registration fee is a one time fee. Sales tax may also be due at the time you title and register the vehicle. Antique vehicles are taxed annually as personal property just as any other vehicle. In most cases, the tax is fixed at &12.00. In addition, there is a county registration fee of $5.00 for a total of $17.00. Typically, you will receive this tax bill toward the end of the calendar year, or you may elect to pay the tax when you regularly renew any of your other vehicle registrations.

How to Obtain a VIN Inspection from the Kansas Highway Patrol

To find the nearest location where you may obtain a VIN inspection, contact the Kansas Highway Patrol State Motor Vehicle Enforcement Coordinator's Office at (316) 744-0538, 744-0451, or on the web:




The above information is  compiled in a brochure produced through a cooperative effort between the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicle and the Kansas Highway Patrol. To obtain a copy of the brochure, check with the Highway Patrol, License Tag Office or log onto: