About the Rusty Nuts Car Club  


The Rusty Nuts Car Club of Butler County Kansas was formed in the summer of 2001 by three car buffs; John Stanford, Jon Mayo, and Glenn Harmon. 


The three were sitting around Jon's shop one Saturday morning discussing the various local car clubs and decided that we needed a club in our area.  


We wanted a club where the members could: 

After a few days of researching various names for the club we elected to use  "Rusty Nuts ".  

A quick 3 to 0 vote and the club was formed.


Next came the clubs location. We wanted a place for the members to meet, but also share access to  the shops facilities. The club adopted Jon's shop  as our club headquarters location.


The clubs agenda is simple and informal.  We meet on the third Saturday each month to discuss, plan and work on various members projects. The club currently has several fine projects in the works. Be sure and check them out by clicking on the "Members Projects"  bar on the home page, or you can get there from here.  "Member's Projects"         





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Check out the Year by Year  Highlights....   























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January - Wow !! Happy New Year...... 

Jon is busy working on his little '40 Ford Coupe... He's removed the engine mounts for the small block Ford and installed new mounts for the small block Chevy  crate engine he purchased. 

Glenn is working the body of his '35 Chevy 2 dr sedan project.

Feb - Members are staying inside making plans for the 2008 car shows and swap meets.

Mar - Glenn has his '35 Chevy 2dr project running, but has discovered a problem with the engine. 

Apr -  John and his wife Linda, plus  Dale and Jeff made the NSRA Southwest Nationals event in Oklahoma City.  Dennis drove down as well.

May - Jon underwent a liver transplant on 5/18...  He is doing great.. He is expected back from Omaha in about 4 to 6 weeks.

June - Glenn had surgery plus a hernia fixed.. He is recouping at home

July - Dennis received a truck load of parts for his '40 Ford project.

Aug - Dec - The second half of the year was a real bummer for the club.  It seemed that Murphy's Law was running the show. Whatever could go wrong did.  Jon continued to have problems after his liver transplant, dealing with his medications  Glenn stayed close to home as he recovered from his surgery. Dale had a knee replacement and is going through physical therapy. John had a pinched nerve in the lumbar area of his spine and had to get pain relief shots. He (John) is still having sinus and neck problems (cervical spine). Buds wife had injuries to both of her legs, which temporally placed her in a wheel chair.  Tom is having knee problems and is looking to have surgery in March 2009.  Dennis continues to try and stay on top of his bout with Parkinson's. As for the rest of the members that remained healthy, they more or less coped with the ups and downs of  the others.   


The club did see a few rays of sunshine in 2008...   Our youngest member, Tyler got married !!  Tom sold his model A and bought a real show car (1937 Ford 5w Coupe) and finished 2nd in his class as Augusta and also at Ark City (Last Run).  Glenn replaced the engine in his project '35 Chevy Sedan and it now runs like a "Top".   John managed to get the body of his 51 Merc project on his prepared chassis and is in process of doing body work.  Tom is currently working on his pickup project. Dale is helping Jeff on a little 1950 Ford Pickup project.  


The club is looking forward to 2009....  BETTER THINGS ARE ON THE WAY !!!!!








January - Well here it is in the middle of January and all of the members are busy getting their rides ready for the NSRA Oklahoma City 2007 car show in  April....  It's really going to be a nice run for the club, because we (the members) will arrive in Oklahoma City in twelve (12) sweet street rods.

February -  Someone just got a super start to a nice ride. Jon Mayo has sold his 1956 Chevy 2dr Sedan, and has began work on his 1949 Ford Business Coupe.

March - Cold...Wet...Cold ...Wet   

April-  Tom moves the little '37 pickup to his shop...  

Jon sells his '49 Ford Business Coupe project.  John works out the engine problem in his '34 in time for the NSRA OKC trip.

Bad weather (Snow & Ice) stopped most of the gang from heading to OKC on Friday for the NSRA show. However a few of the braver members ( Boyd,    Bud, and Glenn) ventured out early Saturday morning for OKC.. Tom and Jon  not wanting to miss out on everything also motored down on Sunday in time to catch the awards presentation.

Dennis said he is thinking about working on his '40, while building wall art out of his Suburban.

May- Tyler sells his Duster and Dragster projects,... 

Bud gets started on his roadster project.... Dennis tinkers on his '40 project.   

Jon acquires a 1955 Chevrolet 210 2 Dr sedan project

June - Jon does a little horse trading with his '66 Nova SS project and acquires a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe project. 

Jon sells his '55 Chevy project to fund his new '40 Ford project.

The Rusty Nuts Car Club adopts a set of guidelines for the club.

Boyd picked up a Coats Tire Machine at a recent Estate Auction. This will be a needed addition to his shop.

Dennis is working on his '71 Chevelle SS project , he is removing a rebuilt 454 from a donner PU to put into the SS.

July -Dec  - The past 6 months have been a challenge for the club and its members. 

Even though,  with a few members shaking the boat, life still goes on... The sun still rises and sits, and projects get a little attention now and again..

John  replaced the floor, along with the inter-rocker panels on his Mercury Project. He also replaced the rusted/rotted out outer rockers with patch panels.

Boyd has acquired a late 70's early 80's Lincoln Town car to part out. The car was driven onto his property, so we know it runs. His plan is to use the rear end out of the Town car, and part out the rest . John is going to take the engine, trans and front suspension.

Bud is coming along on his roadster project. The body is now solid and mounted on the frame. He is going to use a SBC for power................

Tom 0- Tom has build brackets and remounted the bed on the little Pickup project.

Dennis - Dennis has finally mounted the 454 engine into his Chevelle project.

Jon - Jon has new Chevy SB engine mounts from "Fat Man", along with a new radiator. He also has picked up the inside garnish moldings for the doors and he little side windows. He has a rear window garnish molding from a sedan that he will try and modify to fit the coupe. He is still looking for a set of inside windshield garnish moldings. Jon had also acquired an original hood, so he now has a "New" Fiberglass hood "FOR SALE".. any takers???

Dale has completed all work on his project except for the upholstery. At last look, the interior was about 50% complete. It will most likely be completed before the new year.






2006  (So - Far ..So Good!).


All of the members are busy during the remaining winter months getting their rides ready for the first NSRA meet of 2006 . OKLAHOMA CITY 4- 7,8,& 9.

Boyd Ray has added a new fuel tank, new exhausts, new wiring and new gauges in his "All Steel" 35 Chevy 3-Window Coupe.

Tom Otis has both of his cars, the '31 Ford Coupe and the  '36 Ford 2d Sedan up for sale. His goal is to acquire a 1962 Chevy Impala 2 Dr HT...or something that he thinks he wants!!!  Anyway, '62 was the year he and his honey both graduated from HS. He said that whichever one sold first, he would keep the other for a street rod.  Flash....... the "Is he gonna keep it Otis" '36 has been sold !!!!!!!!!!! He's now on the search for a '62"

Glenn Harmon says that the '35 2dr Sedan that he he currently building is also for sale...at any stage, finished or unfinished. However, the finished stage would mean a bunch more dollars !!!

BJ and Garrett Muller - The '47 Chevy Coupe appears to be getting close to hitting the street this year...maybe by mid-summer.

John Stanford attended the NSRA Meet in OKC in April after he had quad bypass surgery on his ticker in mid March. He's recovering well. John has also gotten off dead center and purchased the paint for his '34. He said he hopes to get it painted before winter '06.

Jon Mayo - Jon acquired a nice little 1949 Ford Business Coupe. The little coupe has a nice running flathead with a 3 speed transmission.  The interior has already been worked. The body is straight and is in primer and with a minimal amount of work, it will be ready to paint. Speaking of paint, Jon painted his '36 Chevy coupe a bright pearl white.. It really looks good. 

Tyler Thomas has acquired a dragster, yep I said dragster... Well anyway, it's a start.. it's actually just the chassis, but Tyler has plans.....more to come!

Tom Otis - 6/15/06 ---  FLASH! FLASH!  The "62" Tom was looking for has been found... Check out "Our Projects" for pictures...

Bud Benton - Bud had a new shop building build in 2006, and added a really nice commercial air compressor. His plans for use of the new shop, well just check out "Our Projects" for pictures...

John Stanford - Well John finally got around to painting his '34 Ford 5w Coupe. John also purchased a new crate motor for his 1951 Mercury project. .You can check them out by clicking on "Our Projects" for pictures.

Dale Metsker - Dale finished his last project, a Murray Bodied 1930 Ford Model A  3-window 4-Dr Sedan. Check out the pictures at "Our Projects". Also check out his newest project... it's really going to be wild......

Tom Otis - Well Tom finally started on the 1937 Ford Pick Up project for his Grandson Mike (currently in the Navy). Check out the project pictures at "Our Projects".





2005 brought a bit of sorrow to our Club.


Paul Kroepfl - Paul passed away May 5, 2005. He will be missed by all. 


Travis Otis son of  Tom Otis purchased an original un-molested 1940 Chevrolet Business Coupe. All sheet metal is in super condition. Travis has also became a the newest Rusty Nut (Member 16)

Dennis Lebbin -Dennis became the proud owner of a nice restored 1958 "Black" Chevrolet Impala Hardtop e/w 348 CID engine.

Tom Otis -  Acquired Jon Mayo's 1931 Ford Coupe. It is equipped with a Super Bell solid axle, a Pete & Jake four-bar up front with Vega cross steer, a '57 Ford 9 Inch rear with four-bar and coil-over's. The coupe is powered by a warmed over Chevy 350 coupled to a 350 TH tranny. The coupe stops very well with  disc brakes mounted on all four corners.

Tyler Thomas - Our youngest member has acquired a Pontiac GTO as a project car for his bodywork & paint courses at Butler Community College.. Way to go Tyler !

Glenn Harmon - Glenn acquired yet another '35 Chevy Standard 2-dr Sedan. He is going to add IFS, Mustang R&P, disc brakes and much much more...

Jon Mayo - Jon has purchased a 1966 Nova Chevy II SS. The car is in great shape, no rust outs, very minimal dings. With a very small about of body work, the car can be repainted....it's that straight !!!. Jon is trying to find a good 327 for the car (future). Currently, Jon has bought and installed new Crate 350 to run in the little hardtop,




2004 brought the Fifteenth member  to our Club.


Jeff Carroll - Jeff (member 15) has a super nice ride... a 1947 Chevrolet Pickup equipped with a Chevy 350 backed up by a 700R4 for cruising.

Jack King - Sold his  1966 Pontiac Tri-Power GTO and informed the club that he would be spending his time around the house. Sad to see you go Jack..

Tom Otis -  Sold his 1930 Ford 5-window coupe and acquired a fine little 1936 Ford 2-Dr Sedan. The sedan is equipped with a 350 small block Chevrolet engine & automatic for sweet cruising.

Mike Otis - Mike will be away for a spell... Mike is currently serving his Country in the US NAVY. Way to go Mike !!!!... Best of luck!! Mike, and remember to keep your head down. 




2003 - The club continues to grow !!!!! Fourteen Members !!!!!


B.J. Meller and his son Garret Meller. They have purchased a 1947 Chevrolet Coupe as a father and son project. They will be parting out  Garret's Firebird to supply running gear for the '47 Chevy. 

Paul Kroepfl. Paul has a 1923 Ford T-Bucket project. Really nice setup, complete with a 406 Chevy engine, 350 Turbo-Hydro Transmission and a Ford 9 inch rear end. Also included with the purchase was a tall windshield, complete upholstery, chrome headers and much more. Paul informed us that he and his grandson will be working on the T-Bucket project together. Paul also has a 1931 Model A 2-dr Sedan equipped with a General Motors  Buick 231cid V-6 and automatic. The Buick V-6 and automatic is connected to a Corvette rear end. Paul also has a Mustang II IFS with disc brakes at all four corners.

Tyler Thomas - Tyler is Paul Kroepfl's grandson and will be helping Paul with the T Bucket Project..

Bud Benton - Bud has a super nice all steel 1928 Ford 2-Dr Sedan. The roof was filled using a section from a Chevy van.

Boyd Ray - Boyd has an "Real" all steel 1935 Chevrolet Standard 3-Window Coupe equipped with a 350 Chevy.

Tom Otis - Tom has a really sweet 1930 Model A Ford 5-w coupe with a 283ci sb and automatic trans. Also has disc brakes on front with a Mustang II IFS. 

Mike Otis -  (Tom's Grandson) will be assisting Tom on getting the '30 A  ready for the street.

Jack King - Jack is the proud owner of a 1966 Pontiac GTO e/w a tri-power setup.

Dale Metsker - Dale come to the club with lots of building experience. He has many Ford "T's and "A"'s, including the following: 1923 Ford T-Touring (Chevy 305/350); 1928 "A" 5-window Coupe (Chevy 400/350); 1929 Ford 2-dr Sedan (Chevy 305/350); 1927 Ford T -4dr (Pinto 4cyl / 4 Speed). Dale also has a couple of stock/restored cars as well... 1924 Ford T Model Depot Delivery (Restored) ; 1930 Model A Coupe (Stock/Restored) and a 1903 Oldsmobile (Repro- B&S powered). Dale is currently working on a Murray Bodied 1930 Ford Model A  3-window 4-Dr Sedan.





2002 - Our club grow to four members


Dennis Lebbin -Dennis bought Jon's 1940 Ford 2-Dr Deluxe Sedan project car and became an instant "Rusty Nut's" member. Dennis is currently crafting his skills as a street-rodder.  However, Dennis currently has a stable of fine GM products that include many show quality automobiles such as: (1)'68 GTO Pontiac - 400 with "his/hers" shifter - Blue ; (2) '68 SS Camaro - 396 - Air/Front Disk Brakes - LeMans Blue ;(3) '71 Monte Carlo - 350 - 36,000 miles - White ;(4) '71 Malibu Chevelle - 350 - Bucket Seats and Console - Classic Copper  ;(5) '71 SS Chevelle - 454 - Silver.






John was working on his '34 Ford Coupe that he had first build back in the late sixties, early seventies. Glenn was working on his 1938 Chevy 2 dr Sedan, and Jon was working on his Model "A" Coupe


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