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 By: Rusty Ghost : 03/27/14



03/27/14 - It looks like a "GO" for the Club to start off the 2014 Season with a Club outing.  A  few of the members have their cars ready for the NSRA - Oklahoma City trip.   Our leader, "Glenn",  along with Jon, Bud, Tom and Travis have their rides ready for the trip.  

2/24/14 - First off I want to say Hello! to our newest Rusty Nut member..  John Grange !!! John will be bringing a couple of projects. Both are 1/2 ton Pick-Pu's. One is a 1941 Chervolet  PU while the other is a 1947 GMC PU. 

Well here I go again...trying to get the web site updated !!!!  I am trying to recoup from a "Stroke" I had in last September 2013. If you see any strange or misspelled words please bear with me!  During the next month or so, I will be making be several changes in our software which will hopefully enhance the site.

Tom had the club members to his shop to hear the engine crank on his little PU truck project. The engine sounded great. He is was going to get his trailer and take the PU to a muffler shop to do the exhaust work.

11/23/13 - Went over to the club for our monthly meeting.    Jon and James had went to St Louis, MO and brought car for James. The car was still loaded on the trailer before the meeting. James had to get a new battery so he could start it up and get it off of the trailer. Check out the pictures on James page!

09/27/13 - Man! How time flies!!! Four months behind. Where do I start...? Oh Well, I guess I should start off with as many lame excuses as I can muster, but I don't think that would be a very good idea, so I guess I will try and bring you up to date from the  last post.

A lot of things have happened...  

Jon M finally got his GTO running good, and is concentrating on body work. His '49 Chevy  Fleetline project was put on hold, as he acquired a second '49 Fleetline that had already been finished up to the point of custom '59 caddy taillights, shaved hood, de-chromed, rolled rear-pan, upholstery and primered off  in flatblack.

Glenn H had a slight problem with his '40 Chevy that he thought was a vacuum leak or maybe something to do with the ignition. Not sure exactly want fixed it, but it appears to be OK now.

Buddy B is still working to better his little model A Coupe. After all, he was singled out for a TV interrvue which will air later this year.

OKLAHOMA Route 66 OUTING` >>>> Jon M - Glenn H - Tom T - Travis T - Buddy B - John S

During the outing down in Oklahoma, Jon's custom fleetline had a master cylinder failure and had to be trailered back home at 1:30am.  The club members gathered at Jon's later that same day and helped him replace the worn master cylinder and bleed his brakes. His is ready to continue the outing whenever the club get ready to take up where we left off.

John S also thought he had a problem, as he kept hearing noises from what he thought was either his front U-joint or maybe one of his axle bearing going out. As it turned out, when returning for a trailer for Jon's car, the noises simply disappeared from John's '34 Ford. He thought the noise may have been from a rock or something being stuck between the dust cover and brake rotor, and finally wearing down and falling out. He could not find anything wrong after checking it out at home.

Travis T who had recently had his shoulder operated on for a torn rotator cuff drove his car without incident and enjoyed the ride. Way to go Travis!! Man my shoulder hurts just thinking about it!

Tom T , Glenn H and Buddy B , whom had no trip incidents all agreed that even with a couple of set-backs, this was one of the best outings the club has had. The rest of the NUTS agreed with them.

As of this post, most of the guys will be attending the LAST RUN in Ark-City this weekend. John S on the other hand sadly had to sit this one out due to sinus problems and headaches..

05/02/313 - Catch-up news.... Jon M. sold his '64 El Camino. He said that he is going to put the '59 El Cameno on the chopping block as well. He wants to concentrate on his other two projects; (a) 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline 2dr Sedan, which he has a Chevrolet 305ci with a 350 TH transmission, and (b) his newly acquired 1965 Pontiac GTO 2dr post Sedan. He is putting a newly rebuild Pontiac 400ci w/ 4speed in this car. The '65 Pontiac GTO 2dr Post is a fairly rare automobile with only around 8000 built in 65.

John S. has the new tubular A-arms with ball joints and disc brakes mounted on his 51 Merc. He is in the process of obtaining a set of steel wheels to run on the 4.5 bolt pattern temporary fix until he can get his  wide white wall tires for the new 16 in (OEM wheels 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis) he has purchased in 2011. He is planning on running the 15" tires on steel wheels until then.

04/20/13 - Jon, Glenn & Jason installed the SBC 305ci engine with 350TH trans into Jon's little '49 Chevy project. Jon informed me that he has his '59 El Camino running well. His GTO project is at Buddys and will remain there until he has is running. 

04/16/13 - Well, the group has returned to Kansas, and all is well. Really had a good time at the OKC NSRA Nationals. Great Cars, Great Food, Good Friends, Good Company. Met a lot of nice people, made a few contacts for parts, ...What else could an old car buff want?  Looking forward to next year.!!

Also a reminder..... SWAP Meet is coming up soon !!!  Make up your list of wants and have-to-buys!

04/12/13 - On the road! Weather is perfect, cars are running good. Looking forward to the Show (NSRA OKC Nats)

04/10/13 - Looks like Jon will be riding with Tom. Jon's little '59 El Camino developed a few lifter problems. Tom will pickup Jon at 7:15, meet up with Bud and John at 7:25, Travis in Douglas, then on to Wellington.

The weather really turned over the past few days... From 75 and sunny to 28 with Ice, rain, snow. Looks to break before Friday.

04/03/13 - Looks as though the weather is turning for the good. Warmer days are on their way. Club members are using their spare time to get their rides ready for the 2013 season.  Looking forward for the NSRA OKC Trip!


01/18/13 - Well, we made it to another year. All club members are accounted for!

12/29/12 -  Just info...  !!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To each and everyone from the Rusty Nuts Car Club!


12/15/12 -  Just info...  !!!!!


11/03/12 -  Just info...  !!!!!

09/26/12 - John, Tom, Travis and Bud attended the "LAST-RUN" car show in Arkansas City, KS. Tom had a For Sale sign on his car, and had several individuals inquiring about it.

09/09/12 -  John Stanford attended the Starliner Stray Kats Kustoms car show on Saturday 9/8/12 at the Kansas Aviation Museum.  A friend of the club, "Mark Little" Good Guys Regional Director received an award for his little  Ford Pick-up that he had just finished.  Great "Little" ride... Check it out along with some of the other pictures that John took while attending.

09/01/12 - Glenn ('40 Chevy Business Coupe), Tom,('38 Ford Coupe),  Buddy ('28 Model A 2D Sedan), and John ('34 Ford 5W Coupe) attended the Caldwell Car Show. 

 - side Note: Former member Jeff Carroll won a plaque for his little '49 Ford PU.

08/30/12 - Jon Mayo sold his little '30 Ford 5-W Model "A" to Bud Benton.  Jon said his was going to concentrate on his 1959 El Camino.

 -  Side Note: Former member Dennis Lebbin is in the process of trying to obtain a 1956 Corvette project.

04/11/12 - OKC >>>CHANGE OF GAME PLAN !!!! ......

Due to the Bad Weather forecast (chance of Thunder storms and possible hail) we have decided to not take the cars to OKC.  We will meet at Jon's Shop at 7:30am on Friday 4/13/12 and load what every you are taking to OKC (lawn chairs/drinks/cooler/clothes) into Travis's Truck (had a topper cover). We will depart from Jon's shop in Buddy's Van and Travis's truck and meet up at Glenn's Shop in Wellington. We will be taking Glenn and Travis' trucks to OKC.

04/07/12 -Club members going to the  NSRA Oklahoma Car Show will meet at  Hope Church on 21st Street in Andover, KS.         We will depart from Hope Church on Friday April 13th at 7:00AM and meet up with the other members at Glenn's Shop in Wellington.

04/07/12 -The club announces the loss of membership of a few fellow car buffs due to personal reasons.  James Williams, Dale Metsker, Dennis Lebbin and Jeff Carroll are no longer active members of the Rusty Nuts Car Club.

01/21/12 -  Hey fellow car buffs!  I was given the following URL for a web site in Norway that has a pretty large listing of American Car Brochures.  Check it out at :  I will be adding this link to our miscellaneous links page.


NEWS FLASH !!!   2012 Brings "NEW" Rules for members:

These are the results voted on at the club meeting on 1/21/12.




    A: Dues are $60.00 per year.  Payments are due by January 31st.

    B: The club may elect to allow a grace period for payments by members that have unusual circumstances.

    C: If any member is pass due on his account, he shall have no voice or voting privilege at club meetings.

    D: If any member is pass due on his account for more than 60 days, he will be removed from the club rolls.

    E: New members will pay a pro-rated amount.  Example: Join in Apr-2012: New member will pay $45.00 (Apr through Dec).  

Jan:$60.00 Feb: $55.00 Mar: $50.00 Apr: $45.00 May: $40.00 Jun: $35.00
Jul: $30.00 Aug: $25.00 Sep: $20.00 Oct: $15.00 Nov: $10.00 Dec: $ 5.00


01/21/12 - Swap meet at Pavillions Fri 2/3/12 - Sat 2/4/12.

    Note: Members that are going on Fri 2/3/12 and want to car/truck pool will meet at Mayo Shop. 

    We will leave from Jon's Shop  for the swap meet at : 7:30am.   

    If you arrive and we have gone...You are on your on...  Don't be late!


10/29/11- The deal went down as Jon would say! Check out the pictures of his White 1975 Vette and the 31 Model "A" Project car

10/24/11 - The word is ???????O-U-T.....  Jon is trading his '40 Ford Coupe for a 70's Corvette, plus a model "A" project car. The deal is scheduled to go down on 10/29/11. Way to go Mr "J"!  Pictures will be posted soon.

10/22/11 -  Hutch SWAP MEET -  Jon was gathering up parts for a "future" project....  Dennis acquired a louvered hood and a front disc brake set up for his newly purchased '49 Chevy Fleetline.

10/21/11 -  Several club members was at the Mayo Shop today to help split firewood for the winter.  

Several members brought over items to take to Hutch on Saturday for the swap meet. Members going will meet at Jon's and leave for Hutch at 6:30am 10/22/11.

10/20/11 - FLASH! ... Dennis bought a 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline 2-door Sedan. It was shipped from Colorado and arrived today. You can check it out here.

09/23/12 -  FLASH... Tom has won another award. This time at the Arc City LAST RUN. Great little car.. 1938 Ford Coupe with 37 Ford front clip.

09/23/11 - Tom, Jon, Glenn and John when to Arkansas City to register for the 36 Annual Last Run Car show.  Jon had an engine compartment fire and decided to forgo the show this year. He indicated that he would most likely drive down in his Hemi powered Dodge Ram.

09/22/11 - Dennis sent John a few pictures of his 40 Sedan in the body shop being worked on. Check them out here.

08/20/11 - Re...BLACK TOP NATIONALS.....The members present at the monthly meeting on 8/20/11 agreed to meet at Don's Restaurant (1546 S Broadway) for breakfast on Friday 8/26 at 8:30am. Jon, John & Tom will be leaving from Mayo's Shop at 8:00am to to meet up with the other members at Don's. After breakfast, the members will go to BG Products (740 S. Wichita St.) to register for the Black Top Nationals.

08/20/11 - Rusty Nuts Monthly Meeting... Glenn/Jon/Dennis/Tom/John attended. Jon won the Door Prize!

07/30/11 -  Salina...KKOA ....  What a blast! Some of the coolest cars around. Check out the pictures that John Stanford took.  !!!!!!

05/28/11 - WOW  Batman!  The Rusty Nuts had 5 winners out of 9 cars entered at the Burns Car Show !!!!!!

05/22/11 -  Meeting notes from 5/21/11 -  

(1) The members present agreed to attend the Burns Car Show on 5/28/11. The group will meet at  "Double D's"  in El Dorado at 8am for breakfast before going to Burns.

(2) The June club meeting will be in Beaumont, KS on 06/18/11. Members are to be there by 9am for breakfast at the Beaumont Hotel. After the meeting the members will cruise the flint hills.

(3) Tom O. mentioned that the KKOA show is coming up (July 29/30/31) and that he is planning to go..


04/01/11 - NOTE: The Rusty Nuts Will be leaving from Hope Church (next to Andover Entrance to I-35) at 6:30 am on Friday 4/15/11 for OKC !.

03/19/11 - The Club had a new Banner..... Check it out  "Here". We will be displaying it at OKC!!

01/26/11 - NOTE:::  The registration for the NSRA 28th Southwest SR Nationals in Oklahoma City has moved from the Courtyard Marriott (1515 NW Expressway) to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 2945 NW Expressway

If you are coming into OKC on I-44 West ,  

(1) Take exit 125C (on the left) and merge onto Northwest Expressway/Oklahoma  3A W.

(2) Go west 2 miles on NW Expy/OK 3A

(3) Turn right at MOSTELLER PL

(4) Take 1st right onto United Founders Blvd

(5) Turn right into Crowne Plaza (2945 NW Exp)

01/01/11 - Happy New Year from the Rusty Nut Web Guy!!!

12/28/10 - Check out the 2010 Turkey Run Pics and Videos at:

12/22/10 - Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!!

Just a reminder !! ... 

Don't forget to make your room reservations for Oklahoma City NSRA event.

January -14/15/16 -  54th Annual Darryl Starbird National Rod and Custom Car Show - Wichita, KS, Century II Convention Center. 


February 4/5  -  36th Annual Sunflower Swap Meet - Kansas Coliseum - 85TH St North & I-35 Wichita, KS (Fri-8am-6pm, Sat 8am-4pm)  For information call (316) 722-1779 or go to ( )

February 26/27 - The Chill/Winterfest of Dream Machines - Motorcycle/Car Show -  Kansas Pavilions , Sat:9/9 Sun 10/4, 1229 E.85th St. N, Valley Center

12/14/10 - I  received this card from my Insurance Guy.. Thought I would share it


12/11/10 - Rusty Nuts !,.... Don't forget to attend this months meeting on December 18th at Jon Mayo's Shop. One item on the agenda will be the trip to NSRA in OKC 2011. 

11/08/10 - Rusty Nuts !,.... Don't forget to attend Glenn Harmon's Chili Fest  in Wellington on 11/20/10. If you are going to the Hobo Happening in Douglas on the 20th, you will still have plenty of time to attend the Chili Fest. For More info, contact Glenn at his home number.

8/27&28/10  - The Rusty Nuts participated in the the first ever Back Top Nationals Car Show in downtown Wichita, KS.

6/19/10 - We would like to welcome James and Sue Williams of Douglas, KS as new members of the Rusty Nuts Car Club.

4/06/09 - Reminder !!!!!  The Benton Car Show is scheduled for 4/25/09. Location will be the Elementary School Parking Lot.  More info to come!

4/06/09 - Notice - The Club will conduct a Club meeting at  Jon's Shop on Saturday April 18, 2009.

4/05/09 - Congratulations to Tom Otis..  2009 Prize winner at NSRA Southwestern Nationals Oklahoma City,OK. This gives the club three wins at the NSRA OKC event. 

3/28/09 - Notice to Club members..  The NSRA OKC event is a GO.  The Club will leave the Hope Church Parking lot at  7:00 am on Friday April 3rd.  We will meet up at Glenn's Shop at 8am for departure and convoy to OKC.

3/28/09- Notice: The NSRA Appreciation Run is cancelled due to weather.

3/16/09 - Notice ...The 3/21/09 meeting at Glenn's Shop in Wellington is CANCELED!!!!

2/26/09- Several of the members meet at Prairie Wind Screen Printers (Pro-Coaters) on Monday 2/23/09 and finalized what would be put on the Jacket.  The group selected a Medium weight Black Jacket. The back of the jacket would have the same graphics as our T-Shirts, however, the Club Name, and Logo (Roadster) would be in  embroider while the pin striping would be silk screened.  The front of the Jacket would carry the Club Logo (Same as the T-Shirts) along with each members First Name. The cost would run each member approximately $65.00.

2/21/09-  The club had a good turn out for the February Meeting. The members discussed the purchasing of Club Jackets, and decided to meet at the Screen Printers on Monday. The March meeting is scheduled for 3/21/09 and will be at the Glenn Harmon Shop in Wellington, KS. This will give the members (that are going to the Oklahoma City NSRA Nationals) a chance to get their cars out of winter storage and see if they are still road worthy.   

1/17/09-  The club members that attended the 1/17/09 meeting at Glenn's Shop was treated to a "Home made Chili Lunch" compliments of Glenn's wife.  John Stanford passed out the contact info for members to make their reservations in OKC, and also noted  that the entry form could be down loaded from our web site  

John also discussed the upcoming joint car show (Rusty Nuts & EldoRodders) in Benton  4/25/09. More info will be given out as it is received.

Jon Mayo picked up a break-room booth & table while he was at Glenn's.  

The next club meeting scheduled for February 21st, will be held at Jon Mayo's to break in his new Break Booth.

1/15/09 - If you are going to the NSRA Nats in OKC (Apr 2/3/4/5) be sure and call to make your reservations at the Howard Johnson Express Inn(400S Meridian) (405)-943-9841.Note ..we usually go down on Friday and back on Sunday.