1940 CHEVROLET Coupe

Glenn Harmon - Wellington, Kansas

Well, here it is... the little car that Glenn acquired from fellow club member Travis Otis. 

It is an unmolested 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe.


The first eight pictures were taken before Glenn moved the car to his shop. 

As you can see, the old car is pretty straight.


Just click on small picture to see enlarged version.

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The next pictures were taken after Glenn had spent a lot of time  working on the chassis and body. In picture 9a, notice that he had moved the gas filler from the passenger side to the drivers side of the car. He used a gas door from a Lincoln Town Car, which looks really nice. 

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Pictures 12 through 15 show the car with the hood in place.

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Pictures 16 through 18 show the car currently without the hood. You can also see the wheels and tires that Glenn selected for the "40".

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Stay tuned for new project pictures coming soon !!


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