1941 Chevrolet  - 283ci SBC 

ELDorado, Kansas

Check on the small pictures to see enlargements!!

Here's John's "Man-Cave".....

JGRustyNutsVisit008.JPG (186305 bytes) Here's a picture of some of the Club members at John's "Man-Cave"!

Here's a picture of a 1941 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton (115"WB) on the left. The 1947 GMC 1/2 Ton (125" WB) on the right side.  

There is yet another 1941 Chevrolet 1/2 (115"WB) on the car trailer. John is going to use the 1941 that is on the trailer for parts.


Here is a couple of pictures of the 1941 Chevy . The '41 is a short bed, 1/2 ton. 

1941ChevyPU0001.jpg (143256 bytes) 1941ChevyPU0004.jpg (136865 bytes) 1941ChevyPU0005.jpg (120108 bytes) 1941ChevyPU0006.jpg (129177 bytes) 1941ChevyPU0008.jpg (125415 bytes) 

He plans are to use the 1941(s) to build a street rod.  John is researching the suspension components and a trying to find the right mix, welded or boat-in front Mustang or Camaro, same with rear 9 or 10 bolt Ford or Chevy. Once I get the facts and make the parts order I can keep moving.

1941chevypu0009.jpg (134454 bytes) 1941chevypu0010.jpg (145355 bytes) 1941chevypu0011.jpg (152001 bytes) 1941chevypu0012.jpg (151858 bytes) 1941chevypu0013.jpg (150336 bytes) 1941chevypu0014.jpg (161501 bytes) 

Last weekend we moved parts and skins around to clear some space in the shop. Today we have made nd I have a 1941 1/2ton Chevy roller with engine and some extra skins for sale. I will have the parts outside of the shop with a sign on it !