"COMING SOON TO A STREET NEAR YOU!....Bud B bought Jon M's Coupe!!!"

1930 Ford Model A Coupe

Bud Benton - Augusta, KS


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Chassis Engine/Trans Body Interior

Project plaque supplied by one of the clubs members:     DSCN1355.jpg (215399 bytes)  

The plaque was just in fun!  Jon really does care, and he will talk you ears off about his projects.


Here's a few pictures of the body when Jon and the other Rusty Nuts went to pick it up.

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Here's a couple of shots after the body was unloaded at Jon's Shop

  DSCN1090.JPG (75210 bytes)  DSCN1092.JPG (77815 bytes)

The shots below were taken when the body was outside Jon's shop, while the chassis was being built.

  DSCN1312.jpg (169470 bytes)  DSCN1313.jpg (183275 bytes) DSCN1314.jpg (185295 bytes)  DSCN1316.jpg (136942 bytes)

Here are a few pictures taken just before Jon primed it for Blacktop Nationals in Wichita, KS.

DSCN1726.JPG (166320 bytes) DSCN1725.JPG (221537 bytes) DSCN1723.JPG (221591 bytes) DSCN1724.JPG (229689 bytes) DSCN1722.JPG (255233 bytes)

Chassis Build

This is the bare frame for the Coupe.  

Also included was a 4-inch dropped axle, new spindles, disc hubs and rotors were included.

DSCN1082.JPG (78290 bytes) DSCN1091.JPG (78463 bytes)      

The pictures below were taken at Jon's shop. Jon and a few club members were helping with the 

chassis build. 

DSCN1318.jpg (198218 bytes) DSCN1322.jpg (181513 bytes) DSCN1324.jpg (183903 bytes) DSCN1326.jpg (170229 bytes) 

DSCN1328.jpg (183077 bytes) DSCN1330.jpg (208909 bytes) DSCN1333.jpg (187346 bytes) DSCN1335.jpg (207715 bytes) DSCN1338.jpg (219478 bytes)

DSCN1339.jpg (218477 bytes)  DSCN1340.jpg (204016 bytes)  DSCN1342.jpg (186153 bytes)  DSCN1343.jpg (186364 bytes)  DSCN1345.jpg (207828 bytes) 

DSCN1349.jpg (212798 bytes)  DSCN1352.jpg (159588 bytes)     


Engine / Trans

The engine is a 1957 Chevrolet 283 cubic inch, bored .030 over. 

I was told that with the bore, the engine is now a 301 cubic inch.

Jon also received a four barrel intake with a Holly Carburetor.

DSCN1087.JPG (80832 bytes) DSCN1083.JPG (79190 bytes) DSCN1084.JPG (79998 bytes)  DSCN1085.JPG (76203 bytes) DSCN1086.JPG (78047 bytes)

DSCN1731.JPG (208615 bytes) DSCN1720.JPG (154911 bytes) DSCN1721.JPG (162031 bytes) 


  DSCN1730.JPG (112206 bytes)  DSCN1729.JPG (193573 bytes)  DSCN1728.JPG (159799 bytes) DSCN1727.JPG (168969 bytes)  


Check back for more info on this project  as Buddy takes it forward!

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