Jon Mayo - 1975 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Here is another automobile Jon has added to his stable of rides.

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A few notes about the Corvette for 1975.....

The 1975 model was advertised as "a more efficient Corvette," as service intervals were extended and electronic ignition and the federally mandated catalytic converter were introduced with "unleaded fuel only" warnings on the fuel gauge and filler door. Dual exhaust pipes were routed to a single converter, then split again leading to dual mufflers and tailpipes. Starting this year, tachometers were electronically driven. The Corvette began to be influenced by the metric system as speedometers now displayed small surfaces indicating kilometers-per-hour.  The 75's featured revised inner bumper systems with molded front and rear simulated bumper guards. The urethane rear bumper, now in its second year, reappeared as a one-piece seamless unit. This was the final year for Astro Ventilation. Power bottomed out this year — the base engine produced only 165 hp (123 kW) and the only remaining optional motor, the L-82, dropped an astonishing 45 hp (34 kW), managing to deliver 205 hp (153 kW). With no larger engine available, L-82 hood emblems began to appear on cars so equipped. Due to the state’s strict emissions standards, this was the last year Chevrolet installed the L-82 engine in a Corvette destined for California.

Car and Driver recorded a respectable 7.7 second 0-60 time in a 1975 base engine-automatic, making the Corvette still one of the fastest cars available at the time.

Stay tuned... check back for more pictures and info on this sweet little car.