National Street Rod Association

Vehicle Safety Inspection Requirements

 The National Street Rod Association® vehicle safety inspection may be voided by modifications or deterioration of any system components. A new inspection can be obtained at any time and is recommended if modifications are made to the vehicle or any of its components. Certification sticker is not transferable.


1.      HORN: Electric only.

2.      SPEED INDICATOR: Speedometer or calibrated tachometer at 55 MPH.

3.      REAR VIEW MIRROR: One inside or outside on driver’s side of the vehicle.

4.      GLASS: Must be safety plate.

5.      LIGHTING: Hi-beam; low-beam; tail; brake; license.

6.      WINDSHIELD WIPER: Electric or vacuum operated.

7.      AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION LOCKOUT: Neutral and/or park start only.

8.      TIRES: Minimum 3/32 tread acceptable. Must meet D.O.T. specifications.

9.      STEERING: No excessive “play” (2” radius max.) or binding; system must be  safely mounted.

10.  THROTTLE LINKAGE: Must not travel past center, return spring required.

11.  FUEL SYSTEM: CHECK VENT ON TRUNK AND INTERIOR MOUNTED TANKS; no clear, plastic lines allowed. No leaks.

12.  EXHAUST SYSTEM: NO LEAKS. Must pass rear edge of front door and exit exhaust away from vehicle.

13.  SELF-ALIGNING ROD END BEARINGS: Check for fractures, insert sloppiness or binding.

14.  SHOCK ABSORBERS: One per wheel, no leaks, 2” travel in each direction.

15.  BRAKES: Four-wheel brakes, no leaks, check brake pedal travel, no copper tubing, check length of flexible components.

16.  SCRUB LINE: No steering, suspension or chassis components should be below this line.


      17.  WINDSHIELD: Should be AS-1.

18.  SHIFT PATTERN: Shift pattern should be visible except on three speed standard column shift.

19.  FUEL LINES: Should be safely mounted and routed.

20.  PARKING BRAKE: Should be activated independent of vehicle’s primary system. LINE-LOCK is not allowed.

21.  SELF-ALIGNING ROD END BEARINGS: Ball should have 1/8 inch spacer on each side of the ball if there is any misalignment. Rod ends should not have more than a 10” misalignment.  ROD ENDS and 4 BAR-PARALLEL RADIUS ROD SYSTEM rubber bushed ends should have a safety washer at least the same diameter as the housing or larger.

22.  BRAKE LINES: Should be safely mounted and routed.

23.  CHASSIS FASTENERS: Self-locking nuts, lock-washers, safety wire, or cotter pins.

 FOR YOUR SAFETY: Fire extinguisher in driver/passenger compartment, seat bealts, third brake light and a dual master cylinder.

 Completion of the NSRA vehicle inspection warrants only that the vehicle complies with equipment requirements recommended by the National Street Rod Association. The National Street Rod Association vehicle safety inspection is only advisory and is not to be construed as an official legal clearance, and the National Street Rod Association , its employees, officers, delegates, agents, or anyone assisting the Association assumes no responsibility for this advisory clearance.

 All requests for safety division assistance should be directed to your division Chief Inspector.  For a listing of all NSRA Officials, consult your copy of the NSRA 2005-2006 FELLOW PAGES.