1937 Ford Pickup 

Tom Otis - Augusta, KS


This is a sweet looking little truck. Equipped with a Dodge 383 and Automatic.

The Project begins..

October  2006 -  Tom decides to drive the little 37 over to Jons shop. 

Just click on the small pictures below  to see an enlarged version.

Pictures 1 - 4 : The Club Members remove the bed , rear fenders and running boards first.

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Pictures 5 - 9: Next the hood, grille and front fenders are removed.

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Pictures 10 and 11.show the cab being  unbolted, removed and placed on a rolling dolly, Picture12 is a shot of Tom seating in the removed cab. Picture13 is a shot of the guys responsible for dismantling the running, drivable '37 Ford PU. After all, it was a nice little street driven street rod Pick-Up just a few short hours earlier. Picture 14 is a shot of Bud checking out the old 37 chassis carcass.

November - Dec 2006

Pictures 15 & 16 : A couple shots of the cab mounted on the new brackets to the S-10 chassis. Picture 17 shows the bed setting on the S10 frame. It appears that the floor will need to be removed and the bed lowered on the frame. The rear fenders will need to be repositioned and rolled to the rear.

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January / March 2007

A MustangII rack was installed in the frame. The steering shaft had to be routed through the front cross member (see Picture 19 - shows hole made through cross member). The old steering column (no shifter) was removed and a newer unit with a column shifter was installed.  Motor mounts were fabricated and a Chevrolet 350 CI engine was installed (see Picture 18 ). A 700R4 overdrive transmission was also placed into the S10 frame with the use of a temporary cross member. 

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April 2007 -  December 2008 --- Project Placed on Hold


Well it appears that Tom has been busy...  He took the project back down to the frame, and basically started over.  He determined that the wheel base was not correct as it was, and that he needed to clean up all the welds, and also cut about 3 inches out of the frame.  

Here are a few shots of the frame after Tom finished  the frame and painted it Black. He then did body work on the cab and bed and placed them in primer.


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Pictures will be posted soon.....!!!!!!

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