Travis Otis - Augusta, KS

1935 Chevrolet 2D Sedan

Here's a few shots of the Project so far.....................

(Note: this project car was Glenn Harmon's  before being acquired by Travis).

Just click on the small picture below to see a larger view.

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Glenn removed the body and started on the chassis first.  He installed a Mustang II IFS with disc brakes, along with a Chevy 10Bolt rear end. 

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Once the chassis was complete, Glenn had to fabricate a new foundation of wood and square tubing to mount the body to the frame correctly.  Once the body was bolted down, Glenn adjusted the doors so they would open and close correctly.  He then fabricated a floor. With help from other club members, Glenn filled the top with a section cut out of a Chevrolet Van. His Grandson Garrett helped Glenn to the body work on the lower rear panel. Fellow club member Jon Mayo helped Glenn with the body work as well.

Below are a few pictures of the car when Glenn had completed all but final paint and interior.

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Club member Travis Otis liked Glenn's project so much, that a "DEAL" was made. Travis traded his 40 Chevrolet coupe project car plus an undisclosed amount of $$$ for the fine little 1935 Chevrolet Standard 2-dr Sedan.

Check back to see new pictures as this is now a Travis Otis "Driver" in progress.